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Miceal F Vaughan
ENGL 593
Seattle Campus

Textual Criticism

Introduction to paleography, codicology, analytical and descriptive bibliography; examination of the major contributions to textual theory in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; practice in applying textual theory in editing literary works.

Class description

Digitizing the Humanities In From Gutenberg to Google, Peter Shillingsburg has reflected on the current condition of electronic editing and 'knowledge sites' in the humanities. This seminar will take those reflections as a foundation for our examination of issues related to designing, developing, and sustaining digital editions and their contextual, or ancillary, materials. Professor Shillingsburg will be joining the seminar in mid-May, and we will be also hosting other scholars, visiting from a number of UW departments and elsewhere. The goal of the seminar will be to examine the variety of 'knowledge sites' and electronic editions that currently exist and to think critically about the design and development of others in the future. For all of these, concerns with sustainability--both intellectual and economic--will be given practical prominence.

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Date: 02/10/2011