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Charles Hubbard Frey
ENGL 477
Seattle Campus

Children's Literature

An examination of books that form a part of the imaginative experience of children, as well as a part of a larger literary heritage, viewed in the light of their social, psychological, political, and moral implications.

Class Description

For WINTER 2003: Issues in Study and Teaching of Young Adult Literature. What is Young Adult Literature? What is its history? What are its appeals? Why is it sometimes censored? How can it best be studied, taught, evaluated? We will apply such questions to novels, written over a 150-year span, that have appealed to teenagers. Requirements: class attendance/participation five days/week, written answers to study questions, mid-term and final examination (short-answer and essay questions), analytical essay, group work including group report and group performance for the class of a dramatized novel segment (parts memorized).

Recommended preparation

Class Assignments and Grading

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