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Elizabeth Simmons-Oneill
ENGL 474
Seattle Campus

Special Topics in English for Teachers

Class description

English 474A: Special Topics in English for Teachers -- a Service-Learning Seminar for Future Teachers VLPA; optional W available; may be used toward field work or elective requirements for Education, Learning and Society minors A term, M-Th 9:40-11:50, June 24-July 24

This service-learning course will combine on-campus seminar meetings with work in a summer school literacy program ! at Olympic Hills Elementary, a "high needs" public school in the Lake City neighborhood in north seattle. Required volunteer work at Olympic Hills will take place during class meeting times, with the option of additional volunteer work outside of class time for those who would like more experience or additional credit. Our work on campus will include consideration of some reasons students struggle with reading and writing, strategies and skills for understanding and supporting students' development as readers and writers, and focused attention on both the literacy curriculum at Olympic Hills, and on ourselves as teachers, community members and writers. We will work closely with Olympic HIlls staff and Seattle Public Schools literacy staff to support both our own learning and our ability to work effectively with elementary school students.

Requirements met: English 474 is a VLPA course, with optional W available. Students in the Education, Learning and Society Minor may use English 474 toward the field work or elective requirements.

Questions? Contact the instructor, Elizabeth Simmons-O'Neill, (no add codes required)

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Date: 04/24/2013