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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Mona Lisa Saloy
ENGL 453
Seattle Campus

Introduction to American Folklore

Study of different kinds of folklore inherited from America's past and to be found in America today.

Class description

For WINTER 2007: This course will introduce students to the study of Folklore in America. We will discuss the major theories and methods used by Folklorists. We will learn approaches and techniques, then practice fieldwork, collect lore and interpret it in cultural, historical, and sociological context. Through assigned readings, we will cover a broad range of disciplines over many years but focus on American Folk expressive culture--music, dance, oral tales--from the perspective of a cultural aesthetic. Essentially, we will investigate the lore, of diverse cultures, which has profoundly shaped American cultural life.

Student learning goals

Tp be able to define Folklore

To be able to scientifically observe Lore, that is learn fieldwork

To collect and interpret Lore

To analyze, describe, and present lore, that is, write ethnography

To understand the various concepts of folklore methodology and ethnography

To understand the processes involved in Folklore

General method of instruction

Lectures, study of readings in Folklore, hands-on-observation of Lore, listending to music, viewing films on lore, class discussion, research, research presentation of lore, some quizes, some ethnography

Recommended preparation

Interest in culture, willingness to read and observe cultures, reading and writing proficiency of upperclass persons ideally, but all are welcome. Formal required prerequisites: Passing grades in previous courses according to the university catalogue and the Department of American Ethnic Studies and the English Department. See advisors for clarification.

Class assignments and grading

Quizes to review course concepts; research to learn in depth particular lore; presentation of that lore; writing ethnography

Average values of quiz grades plus reviews, research, research presentations, group work, and graded ethnography

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