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Anupama Taranath
ENGL 339
Seattle Campus

English Literature: Contemporary England

Return to more traditional forms in such writers as Bowen, Orwell, Waugh, Cary, Lessing, Drabble.

Class description

Spring 2010—English 339—Black British Literature

This course investigates recently published literature written by Black Britons—immigrants or the children of immigrants from the Caribbean, South Asia, and Africa living in the U.K. Texts widely range in form and content, but all thematize notions of location, home, racial identity, community membership, sexuality, gender, and imperialism’s legacy. Through a close reading of the texts, class discussions, film screenings and student presentations, we will begin to engage with some of the issues that are salient for many people of color in the UK, and extend our analysis to America as well.

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Date: 02/12/2010