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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Richard J. Dunn
ENGL 329
Seattle Campus

Rise of the English Novel

Study of the development of this major and popular modern literary form in the eighteenth century. Readings of the best of the novelists who founded the form, and some minor ones, from Defoe to Fielding, Richardson, and Sterne, early Austen, and the gothic and other writers.

Class description

Novels by Defoe, Richardson, Fielding, Walpole and Mackenzie

Student learning goals

The novelty of the novel as it began in English

Reading fiction of another time and place with an understanding of what was particularly at stake both then and now

An understanding of the relationship of fictional and nonfictional writings

Read with more attention to what is both seen and heard through the medium of writing.

General method of instruction

Short lecture and much discussion

Recommended preparation

The ability and commitment to read long works of fiction, a curiosity about both the actualities and fictions that interested readers then and now.

Class assignments and grading

Midterm and final, one of which will be in class; the out of class writing will be a paper, with suggested topics provided, of 5-7 pages

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Date: 09/17/2009