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Jessica A Campbell
ENGL 242
Seattle Campus

Reading Prose Fiction

Critical interpretation and meaning in works of prose fiction, representing a variety of types and periods.

Class description

In this course, we will study prose fiction by reading fairy tales in both short and long prose genres. Fairy tales have long been a prominent form of literature in addition to being told orally. As tales have been shared over time and over various geographical and cultural spaces, some of their elements have remained the same and others have changed to reflect their new environments. Our reading for this class will consist of versions of Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Bluebeard, and Beauty and the Beast – versions from various parts of the world and various historical periods, including our own. Some are short, and some are full novels. Some are for children, and some are very definitely for adults. Some are traditional, and some play with conventions. We will also study a number of critical studies of fairy tales, representing the various theoretical lenses that have driven fairy-tale scholarship in the past several decades. Since this course carries a W credit, you will be required to write two 5-7 page papers, one of which you will revise and resubmit for your final assignment.

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Date: 05/22/2013