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Destiny Itano
ENGL 242
Seattle Campus

Reading Fiction

Critical interpretation and meaning in fiction. Different examples of fiction representing a variety of types from the medieval to modern periods.

Class Description

For SPRING 2003: American Fictions. In this class we will both read American fiction and examine the fictions (and/or realities) of the term American. Specifically, we will read mostly 20th-century American fiction (with a short foray into the 19th century) and deal with questions of American identity – what is the “American,” and is the “American” different from the “American citizen?” How do issues relating to land/place, class, race, and gender affect our definitions and understandings of “Americanness?” On another level, we will not only read and respond to texts, but will also try to learn something about how we do so. To this end we will read about different approaches to literature, and students will be asked to both define and expand their reading practices.

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Class Assignments and Grading

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