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Jennifer Mc Collum
ENGL 242
Seattle Campus

Reading Prose Fiction

Critical interpretation and meaning in works of prose fiction, representing a variety of types and periods.

Class description

Doppelgangers have haunted, entertained, and educated readers in texts dating as far back as Plato’s Republic. A psycho-sexual malady, supernatural visitation, harbinger of sin, personification of fear, alter ego, or reflection of an alternate world, the doppelganger has remained a popular motif in world literature. In ENGL 242 we will consider novels, short stories, plays, film, and philosophy dating from 380 BC to the 21st century from Mexico, Germany, Greece, Russia, Italy, England, Japan, America, and Argentina which take up the doppelganger motif in several contexts, including: colonialism, race, sexuality, and gender.

Close reading practices, argumentation skills, exploratory discussion, and academic-level composition will aide students in their development as interesting writers, critical thinkers, and epicureans who glut themselves on the multifarious pleasures of literature. Welcome to our class!


“Doppelgangers in Fiction” is a general literature course for all majors that satisfies the writing requirement (W) at the University of Washington. To pass the course, students must compose 10-15 pages of revised writing.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Two five-page essays 50% Includes peer review and drafting In-class writing 30% Includes quizzes, responses, and group work Discussion 20% Includes blogs and group/class discussion

Recommended preparation

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Class assignments and grading

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