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Bret Keeling
ENGL 229
Seattle Campus

English Literary Culture: 1600-1800

British literature in seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Study of literature in its cultural context, with attention to changes in form, content, and style.

Class Description

For SUMMER 2003: Critics and historians of British literature from 1600 through 1800 have broken this 200-year period into at least six different “ages”: the Jacobean Age, the Caroline Age, the Commonwealth, the Restoration Age, the Augustan Age, and the Age of [Samuel] Johnson. In our coverage of this literature written over the span of these years, we will read two playwrights, three poets, and four novelists, and, dispersed among them weekly, brief excerpts from several essayists. In doing so, we will, at least in some way, “cover the ground” in each of these “ages.” My goal is that we will conclude the quarter with a greater appreciation for and understanding of the diverse and rich literature written during these years of political and cultural change and upheaval – change and upheaval that continue to resonate with us today.

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