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Alison M. Mandaville
ENGL 213
Seattle Campus

Modern and Postmodern Literature

Introduction to twentieth-century literature from a broadly cultural point of view, focusing on representative works that illustrate literary and intellectual developments since 1900.

Class Description

For SUMMER 2003: The 20th Century From the Margins. We will think about the questions “What is Modernism?”, “What is Postmodernism?”, “What comes after Postmodernism?”, and “Why do these categories matter?” from the position of authors writing from a marginal relation to the mainstream of literature. This means that, in addition to a couple of the more commonly read 20th-century texts, we will primarily read poetry and fiction written by women, writers of color, sexual minorities, postcolonial writers, and some who are all of these. Class time will be focused on gaining historical context, critical reading strategies, a basic introduction to literary theory, and entertaining themes of common interest to class members. Authors we read may include Hughes, Brooks, Eliot, Stein, Woolf, H.D., Isherwood, Ellison, Cha, Horrocks, Russ, Morrison. Assignments will include weekly response papers/discussion questions, a creative piece and presentation, a mid-term and a (multi-draft) essay. Daily participation in class is essential.

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