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Xuan Zheng
ENGL 108
Seattle Campus

Writing Ready: Preparing for College Writing

Builds writing confidence through frequent informal writing, and introductions to key learning strategies. Includes user-friendly orientation to library and research documents, revision skills, and peer review work central to 100- and 200-level college writing assignments. Offered: A.

Class description

Welcome to English 108! This course is dedicated to prepare you for the first academic year at the University of Washington. After four weeks you will have more fluency, more confidence, and more self-efficacy with respect to writing, reading and learning in English. Specifically, together we will be reading articles about learning, reflecting on our learning and writing process, discussing key concepts, doing library research, and producing our own writings and conference presentations. We will also develop the skill of “metacognition,” that is, “thinking about your own thinking.” As you reflect and self-monitor your own learning process, you will become more confident on your own in your future studies. Lastly, you will be well equipped to use the campus resources when the need arises. Research and inquiry skills are central in moving yourself from the “outside” position to the “inside” position—the place where all good writing begins.

Student learning goals

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Class assignments and grading

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Date: 08/19/2012