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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Abdulmohsen M. Almutairi
E E 566
Seattle Campus

Computer-Communication Networks II

Local area, metropolitan area, satellite, and packet radio networks; routing algorithms for wide area networks; optimal design of packet-switched networks; congestion and flow control; fast packet switching; gigabit networks. Prerequisite: E E 565 or permission of instructor.

Class description

Functional elements of communication networks: Multiplexing, Switching, Routing. Review of Markov Chain theory, Scheduling and Processor Sharing Queues, Stochastic models of stream traffic. Multiplexer analysis for stream traffic. Bandwidth sharing in centralized wireless networks (packet scheduling). Bandwidth sharing in distributed wireless networks (multiple access protocols).

Student learning goals

Understand fundamental design and analytical techniques in communication networks

Design and analyze networked communication systems

General method of instruction

Recommended preparation

Probability and Statistics (EE505) and Communication networks (EE565).

Class assignments and grading

50% Homework (6 homework sets), 30% midterm exam, 20% final project

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