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Joy Williamson
Seattle Campus

Special Topics in Educational Studies

Readings, lectures, and discussions pertaining to significant and enduring ideas in the philosophy, history and sociology of education. Specific topics are critically examined in light of contemporary problems in education. Topics vary.

Class description

A primary purpose of this course is to trace and understand the location of education in the struggle for equal rights and liberation. We will examine how different groups (ethnic, gender, religious) have defined “liberation” and “proper education” over time and attempt to understand overlap and divergence in their conceptualizations. Also, we will endeavor to understand how these fights for educational access/quality/equality have influenced the nature of education for all American youth. In order to accomplish this task, we will examine shifts in what were considered progressive, conciliatory, radical, and proper forms of education (for example, the notion of desegregation in education has been considered both radical and conciliatory at different periods during history). Using the different communities as lenses, we will examine questions such as: How should we educate youth? To what end should youth be educated? Who should the educators be?

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Date: 10/27/2008