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Kristin Percy Calaff
EDC&I 544
Seattle Campus

Immigration and Education: Immigrant Student Perspectives

Examines the multitude of factors which shape the immigrant student experience in U.S. schools. Takes an interdisciplinary perspective drawing on research from sociology, anthropology, and education, to understand teaching and learning from the perspective of immigrant students. Prerequisite: EDC&I 540 or equivalent.

Class description

This seminar will explore issues and perspectives on the schooling of immigrant and language minority students. Using various lenses from educational anthropology and sociology, we will examine cultural differences, identity formation, social capital, and other theories in relation to these students’ school experiences. Through reading of important research in this field, we will consider the social, political, and cultural issues that influence schooling of immigrant students. We will also explore the role of ethnography in education and develop new lenses for examining your own work as it relates to this field. • How do assimilationist policies and practices influence the schooling of linguistically diverse students? • What role does identity play in the role of schooling? • How do social, political, and cultural issues influence schooling? • What is the role of ethnography in educational research?

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Date: 01/08/2007