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Instructor Class Description

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Dafney Blanca Dabach
EDC&I 542
Seattle Campus

Approaches to Assessing Second Language Students in K-12 Schools

Examines the multiple ways of assessing linguistically diverse students in K-12 schools, including standardized and alternative assessments of these students. Prerequisite: a course in ESL methods.

Class description

As the population of culturally and linguistically diverse students in our schools increases, teachers and other educators need to consider how to assess the linguistic and academic progress of speakers of other languages who have yet to become fluent in English – also known as English language learners (ELLs). This course will examine current approaches to classroom-based assessment of ELLs and develop assessment practices and techniques that strengthen and inform classroom instruction for ELLs in a variety of settings. In addition to standard techniques, we will also examine creative ways of approaching student learning, including the use of arts-based activities to assess student thinking.

Student learning goals

Link assessment to instruction by designing a variety of assessments that are embedded within instructional activities.

Critically examine and develop assessment procedures and tools for the four language domains (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) and the content areas.

Critically review language proficiency assessment measures and make recommendations for use with English language learners.

Define concepts and terminology used in traditional assessment and evaluation and in innovative approaches to assessment.

Add scaffolding to assessment and instruction for language learners.

Participate in arts-based integrated activities to broaden teaching repertoires in order to be able to access and engage a variety of forms of student learning.

General method of instruction

Varied methods of instruction. Including student-led discussions, brief lectures, and other activities tied to course objectives.

Recommended preparation

Pre-req/Co-req: EDC&I 548: ESL Methods (or permission of instructor.

Class assignments and grading

There will be a variety of class assignments that will highlight active student participation in engaging with content matter.

Grades will be assigned according to a point system.

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