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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

James K Agee
ESC 535
Seattle Campus

Fire Ecology

Fire regime concept as applied to fire ecology. Methodology for fire history research. History and function of forest fire in western United States with emphasis on Pacific Northwest. One weekend field trip. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Offered: A.

Class Description

This is an advanced course in ecological principles of disturbance with application to forest fires primarily in the western United States. Topics covered include: the fire regime; methods for fire history; effects of fire on individual plants and forest stands; prediction of ecological effects; fire and landscape ecology; other environmental impacts; role of fire in Douglas-fir (westside) and ponderosa pine (eastside forests); other topics as time permits.

Lecture/discussion format 3 hours a week; One weekend field trip for on-site observation of fire effects second weekend of the quarter.

Recommended preparation

Basic background in ecology ESC 501 recommended but not required Knowledge of basic fire behavior recommended but not required

Class Assignments and Grading

Two problem sets One term Project One final examination

Problem sets: 30% Term project: 40% Final: 30%

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Date: 06/28/2005