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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Robert B. Harrison
ESC 311
Seattle Campus

Soils and Land Use

Intended for students concerned with environmental problems in the Puget Sound basin; also for those who intend to become professionally involved in land-planning decisions. Focus is on the significance of soils in understanding environmental problems and in promoting intelligent land-use decisions. Basic concepts of soil systems are presented, stressing those aspects important in making land-planning decisions. Offered: odd years; W.

Class Description

What are Puget Sound region soils actually like? You will learn about the general properties of soils in relation to land use and see examples of soils and land use during the weekly field trips to the Seattle area.

This is a field oriented course. We will take weekly field trips and see soils and land use in this region.

Recommended preparation

no prerequisites

Class Assignments and Grading

The primary nature of assignments will be to put together and understand material seen during field trips, and for the students to describe important principles of soil properties and land use.

30% mid-term www project, 40% final www project, 30% poster and oral presentation

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