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James Coupe
Seattle Campus

Mechatronic Art, Design, and Fabrication II

Continues the systems based approach to the design and fabrication of functional experimental art devices. Combines principles of mechanical, electronic and electrical engineering, software engineering, robotics and motion control, application of sensors, actuators, and other control devices. Prerequisite: DXARTS 430, 432, 531 and 571.

Class Description

Mechatronic Art II continues to explore methods and strategies for developing systems-based artwork. In Fall 2005, the mechatronics FabLab will move entirely to the DXARTS warehouse in Fremont. Based there, students will receive instruction in new, state of the art fabrication equipment. These fabrication principles will allow students to extend their projects into more considered exploration of size, scale and space. We will combine this with PIC microcontrollers to develop extremely robust, reliable and scalable artworks that can be embedded within a range of scenarios.

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Class Assignments and Grading

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Date: 06/08/2005