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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

James Coupe
Seattle Campus

Telematic Art I

Focuses on the production of artworks that make use of real-time information networks. Topics include Internet art, database-driven art, and telematic installation art. Prerequisite: either DXARTS 470, DXARTS 473, or permission of instructor.

Class description

We will use a range of hardware (microcontrollers, electronics, mechanics, robotics), software and fabrication methods (woodwork, metalwork, rapid prototyping, etc.) to build experimental art systems. Focus will be on establishing a critical vocabulary for highly interdisciplinary mechatronic art practice. This class is appropriate for advanced students from DXARTS, Art, Music, Dance, EE and any other relevant discipline.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Classes takes place at DXARTS' warehouse studio off-campus. The class incorporates lectures, demonstrations, workshops, critiques.

Recommended preparation

This class is open to students from any relevant discipline. Existing prerequisites will be waived providing students can demonstrate enough knowledge from parallel disciplines. Please address any questions to

Interested students should complete the online application form available at

Class assignments and grading

Assignments are practice based: initially small projects based upon skill acquistion, leading up to a substantial final art project.

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