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James Coupe
Seattle Campus

Sensing and Control Systems for Digital Arts

Software- and hardware-based tools and approaches to real-time I/O and electromechanical control in performance, art installations, and other digital arts applications. Focus on prepackaged but flexible tools. Real-time systems programming and design.

Class Description

This course focuses upon developing innovative processes for understanding and deploying a range of software and hardware based real-time I/O and electromechanical tools within the context of contemporary experimental art practice. The course covers real-time systems programming, materials fabrication and basic digital / analogue electronics and looks to locate the usage of these within a wider aesthetic framework. In building a critical language with which to analyse relationships between real and virtual, static and mobile, local and remote, online and offline, students are encouraged to implement new tools, new systems and new presentational scenarios for performance, art installations, and other digital arts applications. The concentration in this class is on prepackaged but flexible tools, and rapid protoyping processes.

Lectures, workshops, labs and critiques.

Recommended preparation

No specific experience required. Knowledge of electronics, computer programming and engineering are desirable, but an advanced level of art practice and critique is more important.

Class Assignments and Grading

Weekly homework, midterm and final project.

Quality of concept, experimentation, work ethic and realization.

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