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Sarah Bryant-Bertail
Seattle Campus

Analysis of Dramatic Texts

Analytic approaches to dramatic materials, concentrating on semiotics, Marxism, feminism, or a related critical theory.

Class description

This course studies Marxism and related contemporary socio-political theories in historical context and in relation to theater and film. Following generally chronological order, we will examine classical Marxism, neo-Marxism, and related theories, with the latter including discourse theory, materialist feminism, and post-colonialist theory. We will study the major definitions of and debates around ideology; the political subject; art as social and economic practice; historical consciousness, context, agency, and change; mass culture and high culture--as they relate to theater and film. Certain historical moments will be orientation points for the writers and artists we will study: the French Revolution, colonialism, the communist revolutions in Russia and Germany, fascism and the World Wars, the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, and the postcolonial era of global capitalism.

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