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Scott Magelssen
Seattle Campus

Problems in Theatre History Research

Methods and techniques of research, interpretation, and writing in theatre history. Relationship of theatre arts to culture in diverse periods and places.

Class description

DRAMA 573 Documentary Theatre. What constitutes a “document” of the past? How do various artifacts (the archive, the site of trauma, the body) both witness to historical events and compel us to remember those events through performance: film, theatre, visual media, public spectacle and pageantry? How does performance differ for audiences and artists when the material is based on “real history”? How is the work charged with a different kind of energy when it incorporated verbatim documents and testimony? How do performers negotiate issues of “fidelity” with artistic license? How might/does documentary performance enable efficacious social change? In this seminar we will discuss historical and contemporary performance texts and video, as well as recent scholarship on documentary performance, broadly conceived.

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Date: 11/21/2013