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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Mark F. Jenkins
Seattle Campus

Projects in Acting

Rehearsal and classroom performance of dramatic literature of various periods and styles.

Class description

Summer 2013 - The Actor Presents

This class is designed to help you become more at ease, more "open" more vital, more articulate and more extroverted as a performer. If you prepare each assignment fully and commit yourself to it, you will develop some valuable new skills. You will also become more effective when you audition, although auditioning is not the sole focus of this class.

Student learning goals

If you do the work conscientiously, it will become easier for you to dominate whatever room you are in and you will probably enjoy being in front of an audience to a greater extent than you do now.

General method of instruction

All the work you do in class will be solo. Solo work takes a particular courage. It requires the ability to just "be". It also requires a desire to communicate something larger than your own, usual preoccupations.

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

Early assignments will deal with directly communicating to the audience. Later you will focus on imaginary people and circumstances while we, as the audience, will work with your "public solitude."

Assignments will include: 1: Making an entrance. 2: I will interview each of you 3: Select and read poem 4: Tell a joke and sing a song 5: present a memorized soliloquy 6: Present a memorized monologue 7: Present a self-written piece 8: Present a silent piece (if time allows) 9: The final will be the "best 8 minutes" from class.

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