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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Jyana Sunshine Browne
Seattle Campus

Plays and Styles

Introduces theatre practitioners to the principles of play construction, to the process of reading and conceiving plays for production, and to the basic vocabulary of artistic styles through which plays are produced.

Class description

We will read plays closely with special attention to structure and style, investigate the key ideas of major thinkers, and engage with performance traditions from ancient Greece to the present. Our central focus will be on how to use play analysis to create performances that fully come to life on stage.

Student learning goals

Acquire theatrical styles vocabulary.

Analyze the structure of a wide range of dramatic texts.

Describe the impact of major thinkers (such as Aristotle, Artaud, and Brecht) on play structure and performance.

Create production concepts for plays based on rigorous script and stylistic analysis.

General method of instruction

Discussion, small group work, and practical exercises.

Recommended preparation

Prior academic or practical experience is in theatre is helpful but not necessary. Willingness to dive in and work out ideas on your feet is essential.

Class assignments and grading

Papers, exams, and group performance projects.

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Date: 12/19/2011