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Anne M Traver
Seattle Campus

Portfolio Preparation

Focuses on developing the tools to create a successful transition between academia and professional practice as a working designer. Prerequisite: DESIGN 211; DESIGN 212.

Class description

This course will focus on planning for a successful transition from academic life into professional practice as a working designer. Invited speakers from professional design practice will play a key part in panel discussions in this class.

We will cover methods for effective job-hunting, portfolio presentation and related skills, and understanding your personal strengths, weaknesses and objectives as you enter the job market. In addition we will discuss the nature of the professional design industry: what are the pros and cons of working for a design firm, as a freelancer, as a consultant, or as an in-house designer? What broader roles can the designer play? What about setting ethical boundaries on the work that you do?

Student learning goals

Learn from design professionals about the practice of design, and what they look for in a designer

Refine skills for effective job-hunting, including portfolio presentation skills, writing and speaking

Learn about different working models within the design world

Develop plans and goals for entering the design profession and pursuing a career path suited to you and your work

General method of instruction

This course will take a seminar rather than a studio format and will involve very few critiques. The design of your portfolio materials will require independent development and will parallel the work in your other senior studio class. Active participation in class, in particular during panel discussions with outside guests, is critical to evaluating your performance.

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

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