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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Hannah Wiley
Seattle Campus

Senior Seminar

Provides a synthesis of experiences in the Dance Program with a focus on current and future individual interests and the transition to post-graduate life. Includes guest lecturers in dance professions.

Class description

Senior Seminar is a capstone course that will assist you in synthesizing your college experiences and direct you toward the future. Assignments are geared toward organization and presentation of the knowledge and skills you have gained while pursuing a major in dance at the University of Washington. In a final presentation, you will share your research about and steps toward the next phase of your life. REQUIRED; Either: a Mac formatted external drive. If you re-format a PC formatted drive, this must be done on a separate computer, before you attach to the Dance Program hard drive. Or: a memory stick of 4GB or larger that is compatible with a Mac (not a Kingston!).

Student learning goals

Prepare materials for job applications and/or graduate school

Understand the process of grant applications

Research and formulate a strategy for pursing your goals

Present your research into your future plans to the class

General method of instruction


Recommended preparation

Junior or senior dance majors

Class assignments and grading

1-50 points: Senior Seminar Project Packet 1-30 points: Participation in visiting speakers' visits 1-15 points: Final presentation 5 points: Exit Survey 100 points: Total Possible

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Last Update by Hannah Wiley
Date: 02/18/2012