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Jurg Peter Koch Faber
Seattle Campus

Integrated Dance: Training and Composition

Investigates and explores ways of teaching and creating dance suitable for diverse participants with a broad range of physical and conceptual abilities. Addresses composition and movement technique utilized by integrated dance. May culminate in performance in faculty dance concert.

Class description

Course Overview

Integrated Dance strives to find ways of teaching and creating dance that are suitable for diverse groups of participants. It does this with regards to their previous dance experience, as well as their physical and conceptual abilities.

This course is crosslisted with Dance 371. Students registering for Dance 235 form the community/performance group and meet twice a week (Wednesday, Friday). No previous dance or performance experience required. The course is specifically interested in investigating and exploring ways of teaching and creating dance suitable for diverse participants with a broad range of physical and conceptual abilities as practiced in community and integrated dance practice.

This course is a praxis-oriented workshop focusing on creative research to develop processes and concrete choreographic sections leading up to a studio showing. Using movement vocabulary and working processes informed by postmodern and contemporary dance, we train, create, rehearse and perform together as a company. You explore and develop your individual abilities within dance including physical, performance, creative, compositional and interpersonal skills.

Topics for this course include: The Rite of Spring and associated themes of life cycles, birth, love, sexuality and death, fertility, ritual, individual, group, society, generations, biological and social aspects, nature and culture, aesthetic access, synesthesia, conflict and resolution, disaster and recovery.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Studio practice, movement based research, practice and performance

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

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Date: 02/19/2012