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Pavlo V Kulchenko
CSE 590
Seattle Campus

Research Seminar

Several offerings each quarter, on topics of current interest. Prerequisite: permission of instructor.

Class description

CSE 590 A1 (sln: 12462) -- "Cognitive Architectures"

A cognitive architecture is a blueprint for intelligent agents. It describes components and computational processes that need to be in place for the agent to act intelligently (under some definition). Cognitive architectures play a critical role in providing software infrastructure that supports intelligent capabilities of various systems: simulation-based training environments, autonomous robots, AI in computer games, and others.

This seminar will survey existing cognitive architectures (ACT-R, Copycat, OpenCog, NARS, and others) through readings and discussions; the emphasis will be on the need for integrated approaches to knowledge representation, reasoning, problem solving, sensing, execution, and learning.

The seminar will discuss questions like What is cognitive architecture? What is the relationship between intelligence and architecture? What capabilities should be included in an architecture to support intelligence?

Student learning goals

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Date: 09/25/2011