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Ratul Mahajan
CSE 481
Seattle Campus

Capstone Software Design

Students work in teams to design and implement a software project involving multiple areas of the CSE curriculum. Emphasis is placed on the development process itself, rather than on the product. Prerequisite: CSE 331 or CSE 341; CSE 326 or CSE 332; CSE 351 or CSE 378; substantial programming experience such as CSE 451 or CSE 457.

Class description

CSE 481M - Home Networking Capstone Spring 2011 MW 3:30-4:20

This Spring we're offering a new capstone: Home Networking. The course will be co-taught by Ratul Mahajan (Microsoft Research), John Zahorjan, Colin Dixon, and David Wetherall.

Here's the intro the official course description:

"Homes are ever increasing hotbeds of new technology such as game consoles, TVs, smartphones, cameras, tablets, and remotely controllable lights and locks. This rapid pace of innovation, however, is breeding heterogeneity and complexity that frustrates even technically-savvy users' attempts to manage their technological devices or implement functionality that uses these devices in combination. For instance, it is impossible for most users to view video captured by their security camera on their smartphone when they are not at home.

The course focus is on developing solutions for the connected home - a home rich with sensors, actuators, controllers, processors, and input and output devices. Orientation is towards systems software - infrastructure that facilitates building effective applications for the home space. Example devices typical in modern homes will be provided, along with (possibly research prototype) software infrastructure. Classes are a mix of readings, lectures, and discussions. A very significant team project component is involved. "

Home networking is causing us to rethink many of the basic mechanisms used in computing. The course will provide some exposure to what the research (and business) communities are doing in this space. It will also be an opportunity to build that application you've always wanted to enable your alarm clock to start up your shower, and to prevent your neighbor's alarm clock from starting your shower.

More of the course description, as well as a tentative outline of topics and project ideas, can be found here:

More information can be obtained from any of the course staff.

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