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Martin Stepp
CSE 190
Seattle Campus

Current Topics in Computer Science and Engineering

Class description

CSE 142 is a 4-credit course, and with only one 50-minute section per week, we don't get much time to practice and reinforce the material we have learned each week. To address this, we have created an optional 1-credit lab called CSE 190 to accompany CSE 142. In the 190 lab, every Tuesday you go to a computer lab in Mary Gates Hall and work on CSE 142 problems at a computer for 80 minutes each week. 190 will be a way for students to get extra practice and become more comfortable with 142's material, to help them do better on the homeworks and exams and generally perform well in CSE 142.

There is no "homework" from 190, and it is graded strictly as CR/NC pass/fail. You get the marks by showing up and working on the problems. TAs from our course will be there helping everyone and answering questions. It will be a relaxed atmosphere open to asking questions, working together, etc.

Student learning goals

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