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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Carrie S Dossick
CM 515
Seattle Campus

Innovative Project Management Concepts

Examination of innovative techniques for planning and managing construction projects including use of time-phased, three-dimensional Building Information Models; sustainable construction techniques; and web-based project management tools. Offered: Sp.

Class description

The building industry is rapidly adopting Building Information Models (BIM) throughout the project process: BIM for design, BIM for construction, and BIM for facilities management. BIM is increasingly becoming an umbrella term for a variety of software tools, design methods, and construction processes that allow for more automation, communication and integration between project participants. This course covers Project Management and Integrated Delivery in the context of emerging technologies, such as visualization, 3D clash detection, fabrication automation, digital site layout, 4D modeling, as-built model generation, and digital information management.

Student learning goals

How to analyze work processes to support the adoption of new technologies for design and construction.

How to read critically and evaluate the literature on "buzz words" and "hot topics".

Awareness of Building Information Modeling applications

Awareness of the implications of emerging technologies on design and construction

General method of instruction

Presentations, discussions, reading, writing and practicing.

Recommended preparation

Project Management coursework

Class assignments and grading

Reading, writing and Navisworks assignments

Participating, homework and final paper

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Date: 03/17/2008