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Instructor Class Description

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Roger E. Bumgarner
CONJ 546
Seattle Campus

Survey of Technologies for Molecular Biology

Broad overview of modern technologies used in molecular biology with particular emphasis on DNA sequencing and gene expression. In addition to methods and applications for the technologies, examines the theoretical basis and underlying instrumentation through which these technologies are implemented. Offered: A.

Class description

This course is designed to survey the technologies used for high throughput molecular biology. Specifically we will cover DNA sequencing technologies (Sanger and Next Gen), microarrays, mass spectrometry (proteomics and metabolomics), genotyping technologies and methods for inferring networks from high dimensional data. The goal is to provide students with a broad overview of technologies that they may wish to apply in their current or future research.

Student learning goals

How high throughput sequencing works, the error rates and limitations of various sequencing technologies.

How high throughput genotyping works, the error rates and limitations of various genotyping technologies.

A basic understanding of mass spectrometry and how it can be used to measure proteins, protein-protein interactions and metabolites.

How DNA arrays are created and used.

How DNA arrays will soon be replaced by sequencing technologies.

General method of instruction

Lecture with lots of assigned reading.

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

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