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Leroy F Searle
C LIT 571
Seattle Campus

The Lyric: Theory and Practice

Examination of central questions in the study of the lyric genre as approached from an international point of view. Course content varies.

Class description

Course Description: C Lit 571 Studies in Poetry Cross Listed with English 551

This seminar will address two interconnected questions: the role of poetry in the shaping of what Kant calls the "sensus communis", and a concentrated study of modern poetry, with primary emphasis on Whitman, William Carlos Williams, and Wallace Stevens. There will be in addition to major works by these three poets a short course reader / anthology that will include poetry by French, Latin American, and German poets, along with theoretical and critical texts.

The seminar is open to graduate students in any humanities department (with course registration handled both by English and Comparative Literature). Other students my enroll with permission of the instructor.


Walt Whitman, Library of America William Carlos Williams, Collected Earlier and Collected Later Poems ______________________In the American Grain & selected essays _____________________ Paterson Wallace Stevens, Collected Poems, Opus Posthumous, The Necessary Angel

Poems by Baudelaire, Valery, Rilke, Neruda, Paz and others Selections from Kant, Taine, and contemporary critical studies of the poets on the syllabus.

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General method of instruction


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Class assignments and grading

In class presentation and seminar paper

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