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Willis Konick
C LIT 496
Seattle Campus

Special Studies in Comparative Literature

Offered occasionally by visitors or resident faculty. Content varies.

Class description


TEXT: LEO TOLSTOY, WAR AND PEACE (Signet Classics) FILM: FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL DIRECTOR: MIKE NEWELL SCRIPT: RICHARD CURTIS Tolstoy, in his epic novel War and Peace, turns the notion of strategy and forethought on its head, and views the flow of history as wonderfully random. Mike Newell and Richard Curtis, in their popular film Four Weddings and a Funeral, turn the notion of one great love on its head, and view our mating calls as wonderfully random. Stumbling through time as we do, uncertain where we will stop, we plunge forward, embracing the great “whatever.” Novel and movie map demonstrate exactly how we stumble, and help us understand the zigzag march of time. Both novel and film are dense with detail and heavily populated, but there is little plot to worry about, and major figures travel in groups. The class features two take home essay exams, midquarter and final. Instructor and assistant will aid students as they write their essays.

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