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Richard Henry Watts
C LIT 315
Seattle Campus

National Cinemas

Examines the cinema of a particular national, ethnic or cultural group, with films typically shown in the original language with subtitles. Topics reflect themes and trends in the national cinema being studied.

Class description

Francophone Post/Colonial Cinema

We will interpret films that stage, first, the imperial relation between France and its colonies and, second, the contemporary post/colonial condition in the francophone world (in the former colonies as well as in France and Belgium) using three principal modes of analysis: narrative, with a view to understanding the evolution of the political and cultural relationships between France and the colonies and postcolonies as the films thematize them; aesthetic, to identity the filmic technique or language (mise-en-scène, editing, soundtrack, etc.) used to convey the particularities of those relationships; and paratextual, to see how the production of the film (source of financing) and the context in which the film appears (channels of distribution) might influence its creation and reception. We will engage a wide range of film criticism and study films from or representing sub-Saharan Africa (Senegal, Republic of Congo), the Maghreb (Algeria), the Caribbean (Martinique), North America (Quebec), Southeast Asia (Vietnam), and Western Europe (France, Belgium, Italy).

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