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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Kirsten A Foot
COM 528
Seattle Campus

Designing Internet Research

Focuses on designing Internet research, assessing the adaptation of proven methods to Internet tools and environments, and developing new methods in view of particular capacities and characteristics of Internet applications. Legal and ethical aspects of Internet research receive ongoing consideration.

Class description

This is an advanced research methods course, intended to prepare students to design research projects that employ digital media applications to study online communicative, social, cultural, and/or political phenomena. The focus of the course will be on assessing the incorporation of such applications as tools in established and emergent methods of social research, the adaptation of social research methods to study online phenomena, and the development of new methods and tools that correspond with the particular capacities and characteristics of digital environments.

The final demonstration of learning in this course will be an executable plan for a research project involving digital/networked media. Students may write this paper individually or together with others in the class. If written collaboratively, the research design must include triangulation of data collected through three or more methods. The genre of the final paper may either be a proposal for funding, or a draft methods chapter for a thesis/dissertation proposal.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Seminar/workshop, with some co-facilitation by students.

Recommended preparation

Prerequisite: At least one graduate-level course on research design or methods for social research. This course assumes that students are familiar with the general process of social research design and at least one method of social research (qualitative or quantitative), and are interested in conducting research on communicative, social, cultural, and/or political phenomena via digital/networked technologies.

Class assignments and grading

*Preparation for class sessions through assigned readings *Participation (30%): *Informed contributions to discussions, in class & online *Completion of occasional in-class and take-home ungraded exercises *2 brief (5-6 pages, hard copy) analytical essays (40%): 1)Analysis of method 2)Comparative analysis of two research designs *Final paper: research project proposal (30%)

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Date: 01/30/2014