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Richard B Kielbowicz
COM 442
Seattle Campus

History of Media Technology and Regulation

Impact of pre-1980s media technologies - printing, telecommunications, broadcasting, photography, and more - on individuals and institutions, especially government, business, and the mass media. How laws and policies have changed to govern new media forms.

Class description

This course examines selected media technologies from the invention of printing to the beginning of today's information revolution. Most quarters the course focuses on four communication revolutions--the mechanical reproduction of messages (printing), the instantaneous transmission of information over telecommunication networks (telegraphy and telephony), the simultaneous distribution of messages to mass audiences (radio and television), and the convergence of computers and telecommunications (what we call "new media"). Readings and discussions emphasize the impact of these technologies on media institutions and communication practices as well as their effects on society and the regulatory frameworks that governed them.

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Date: 11/09/2013