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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Lisa Coutu
COM 202
Seattle Campus

Introduction to Communication II

Introduces students to four core principles that undergird the study and practice of communication - communication literacy, research inquiry, theories and concepts, and community engagement. Principles discussed and developed in the context of social interaction, rhetoric and critical studies, and communication and culture.

Class description

COM 202 is a 5-credit course designed to introduce you to theories of human communication. Specifically, we will explore what it means to say that the study of communication is theory-driven, and we will investigate how different theories tackle different communication issues. In so doing, we will address the core principles of the Department of Communication: communication literacy, theories and concepts, methods of inquiry, and civic engagement.

Student learning goals

articulate the theoretical nature of human communication research.

name questions addressed by particular communication theories.

explain a range of theories and models of human communication.

apply a variety of theoretical perspectives to communication that occurs in the contexts of personal relationships, groups, public communication, and cultural settings.

identify, analyze, and respond to personal and community communication problems in effective ways using theories discussed in the course.

articulate a moment whether small or large or in between where the course material becomes more than course material because it is something you witness or experience in your life world.

General method of instruction

2 lectures per week (1 hour, 50 minute each), discussion sections most weeks, and online exercises.

Recommended preparation

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Class assignments and grading

Exam 1: 30% Final: 35% "Discussion": 15% WebQ Exercises: 20%

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Date: 08/13/2007