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Carolyn Pinedo-Turnovsky
Seattle Campus

Working Latinas and Latinos: Changing Sites of Identity in Daily Life

Provides a sociological examination of Latina/o working lives. Focuses on how inequalities, power relations and social change shape work and Latina/o identity in local and global contexts. Covers race and gender consciousness, informal/formal work, labor recruitment, changing contexts of home and family, youth and children's work, immigration legislation, organizing, and entrepreneurship.

Class description

This a sociological examination of Latinas' and Latinos' experiences in work locally (studies in the US) and globally (transnational studies). Our work is to examine the changing conceptions and contexts of work and its impact on Latina/o identity. We will also learn to locate how ideologies of gender, race, ethnicity and nation shape Latinas/os' working lives and impact economic and social inequality. Readings, lectures and discussions will explore different sites of work to capture a broad understand of the diverse ways in which we all labor in daily life. Consequently, as we all participate in different social worlds of work, you are encouraged to share your own observations and insights with the members of our class. Some of the questions that will frame your lens include: What are the ways we can [re]define labor? What are the different ways in which Latinas/Latinos work? How do labor markets and the workplace organize women and men differently across different domains of work? How do race and gender ideology shape Latinas and Latinos’ understandings of their identities as workers? What changes result in [re]shaping home and family spaces? How do immigration and government legislation [re]shape and reconfigure employment opportunities as well as gender and race relations?

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Date: 08/22/2012