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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Michelle Habell-Pallan
Seattle Campus

Latina/Latino Theater

Explores the contextual, theoretical, thematic, and formal dimensions of U. S. Latina and Latino theater and performance art in the contemporary period. Examines performances and play scripts as a way of analyzing innovations in form, language, and content produced by Chicano/Latino teatro and performance art.

Class description

This course explores contextual, theoretical, thematic, and formal dimensions of U.S.Latina and Latino performance. Course will examine how artists orginating from Latino communities expand the boundaries of performance. Performances are examined as a way of analyzing innovations in form, language, and content. We will discuss how issues of gender, identity, class and cultural politics are expressed through this art form. Students will participate in the reading of plays.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

This is an interactive discussion course. Students are expected to lead discussions and participate in discussions at every meeting. During class, my role will be to introduce and expand upon the topics at hand, while your role will entail an engagement with the readings. One of my hopes is that by the end of the course, you will come to recognize the contributions Latino culture has made to American culture. Since your final grades are based on your final presentation at Davis High School in Yakima Valley, it is important to develop your discussion skills in class during the quarter.

Recommended preparation

In general, the course is designed so that you will become more aware of your own process of scholarly interpretation. Instead of looking for the "correct" interpretation of the readings and screenings, I will be looking for evidence of how you came to your interpretation. I am interested in how you come to your conclusions and how you support them.

Class assignments and grading


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