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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Yomi Braester
CHIN 381
Seattle Campus

Literature in Modern China

Twentieth-century Chinese literature in English translation. Introduces the historical and cultural context of modern Chinese writing, as well as various critical approaches to its study.

Class description

Modern Chinese Drama and the Historical Imagination will explore theatrical texts (in translation) from the nineteen-twenties to the late nineteen-nineties. We will focus on the development of modern dramatic forms in China and will ask how theater has been mobilized to present specific visions of history and nationhood. In addition to reading the texts, we will explore various ways of interpreting them on stage -- from videos of existing performances to our own in-class dramatizations.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Interactive lectures. Students will also perform short excerpts of the play in class.

Recommended preparation

Complete all the readings on time.

Class assignments and grading

Reading drama pieces and commenting on them in writing. Preparing, together with fellow students, 5-minute dramatic presentations (once during the quarter)

Reading reports, mid-term and final papers, dramatic presentation.

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