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Sara L. Goering
CHID 430
Seattle Campus

Topics in Disability Studies

Theoretical, critical, analytical, or comparative examination of an issue or issues in Disability Studies. Topics vary. Prerequisite: either DIS ST/CHID/LSJ 230, DIS ST 332, DIS ST 433, or DIS ST 434. Offered: jointly with DIS ST 430/LSJ 430.

Class description

This course will examine how disability literature (self-narratives, fiction, family memoirs) interacts with philosophical work on disability (models of disability, epistemological questions about knowledge of disability, ethical and political questions about justice and the treatment of people with disabilities, etc.) to enhance awareness and understanding of disability. Readings will cover a wide range of topics and viewpoints, with selections on physical, psychiatric and intellectual impairments, discriminatory attitudes and stigma, community vs. institutional living, family obligations toward disability, concerns about labeling disabilities, physical access issues, and interactions with professionals. The course will invite critical analysis of commonly accepted assumptions about the disadvantages of disability.

Readings will include: An Anthology of Disability Literature (ed. Christy Ibrahim), No Pity (Joseph Shapiro), Invisible (Hugues de Montalambert), The Speed of Dark (Elizabeth Moon), and a choice of several other texts (including My Stroke of Insight, Riding the Bus with My Sister, The Shape of the Eye, Jacobís Hands, and Born on a Blue Day), along with a collection of electronic articles.

Student learning goals

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Class assignments and grading

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Date: 10/26/2012