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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Rene M Overney
CHEM E 554
Seattle Campus

Nanoscale Science I: Contact Mechanics and Rheology on the Nanoscale

Introductory nanoscale science with emphasis on contact mechanics, principle and concept of forces, scanning force microscopy, tribology (friction, wear, lubrication), rheology, ultrathin organic films, physical properties of polymers, and computer simulation. Offered: W.

Class description

As technology is moving towards interfaces, today's major challenge is to find common denominators to describe exotic material and transport properties on the sub-100-nanometer scale. Thereby, our multifaceted attempts converge on the new discipline called Nanoscience. This course provides an introduction to this new field.

Student learning goals

- finite size constraints and their impact on material and transport properties

- interactions forces, in particular, weak interactions that are paramount in technology involving organic materials and life sciences.

- material phases, phase stability, multiphase systems and phase and structural transitions.

- material rate behavior classically but also under nanoconstraints.

- the basics of nanothermodynamics

- surface, tension and interfacial properties of solids and liquids

General method of instruction

Classroom lecture with homework and exams

Recommended preparation

Chapter 1 in course textbook.

Class assignments and grading

Weekly assignments and class exams.

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