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Daniel R. Gamelin
CHEM 510
Seattle Campus

Current Problems in Inorganic Chemistry

Primarily for doctoral candidates in inorganic chemistry. Current topics (e.g., bioinorganic, advanced organometallic, materials and solid state, advanced inorganic spectroscopy). See department for instructor and topics during any particular quarter. Offered: Sp.

Class description

This course will cover aspects of inorganic chemistry related to solar energy conversion. Inorganic chemists excel at understanding relationships between structure, bonding, and reactivity in metal complexes. A central objective of this course will be to expose students who are already broadly proficient in various aspects of inorganic chemistry to interdisciplinary topics surrounding solar energy conversion by inorganic molecules and materials. Students will learn about electronic structures of semiconductors, about photoexcitation in solids, and about interfacial charge transfer processes. Students will learn about dye-sensitized solar cells, p-n photodiodes, photoelectrochemical cells, and photocatalysts. Following introductory lectures, the course will focus largely on exploration of primary research literature related to these topics.

Student learning goals

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Date: 03/07/2011