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Kari Lynn Tupper
HUM 101
Seattle Campus

Introduction to Studies in the Humanities

Focuses on the interdisciplinary nature of the humanities with an emphasis on writing. Team-taught lectures and discussion sections for freshmen. Offered: A.

Class Description

Religious Fundamentalisms, Politics, and Media in America

In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, the intertwining of religious fundamentalism and politics in the Middle East has interested many Americans. Yet religion and politics have also been strongly linked in the United States, and in times of crisis this relationship has tended to stabilize and preserve traditional relationships -- for example, between men and women, ethnic and racial groups, and government and the public. This course examines three periods of American history in which .political fundamentalism. gained ascendancy. In each of these periods, we will examine the social, political, legal, and economic contexts that gave rise to political fundamentalism, the relations between religion and politics among U.S. leadership, and the effects of these processes on citizens. The goal in this course is to develop a conceptual and practical understanding of how politics, religion, and media intersect in the United States, both historically and contemporarily. Interdisciplinary readings will be drawn from political speeches, legal trials, media and historical accounts, and popular fiction.

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