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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Stephen T Muench
CEE 596
Seattle Campus

Pavement Construction

Examines pavement construction, including pavement contracts and specifications, quality control and assurance programs, and plant and laydown operations. Reviews both national and international pavement construction practices. Offered: Sp.

Class description

This course is designed to overview both flexible and rigid pavement construction. The topics include more than pavement construction with the goal of achieving a broad understanding of pavements with specific emphasis on construction aspects. Subjects will include an introduction to pavement types, materials, design considerations, and maintenance and rehabilitation techniques. Following this, pavement specifications, quality control, quality assurance, and specific aspects of flexible and rigid pavement construction will be covered. Finally, there is a week that covers a few new construction ideas and research. This course makes extensive use of Pavement Interactive (, an online resource developed at the UW. Course content is broadly applicable no matter which state or country the student resides.

Student learning goals

Describe the different types of pavement and why each might be used.

Describe the physical properties of key pavement materials, tests used to measure these properties, and their effects on constructability and pavement performance.

Explain the basics of pavement structural design. Describe and differentiate between typical pavement maintenance and rehabilitation techniques. Describe and pavement related contracts and specifications.

Identify and describe typical tests that are used to measure quality and contract compliance

Recognize and describe general pavement construction operations for both flexible and rigid pavement types.

Describe the different types of pavement and why each might be used.

General method of instruction

Asynchronous online.

Recommended preparation


Class assignments and grading

5 assignments plus weekly discussion board contributions.

Discussion board contributions, assignment grades, final exam.

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