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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

James M. Thomson
CEE 473
Seattle Campus

Coastal Engineering I

Linear theory of water waves, wave transformations due to boundary conditions, sediment motion, and elementary tidal theory; shoreline protection methods; and applications illustrated by laboratory experiments and selected case histories. Prerequisite: CEE 347.

Class description

We will use the publicly available Coastal Engineering Manual (CEM) from the US Army Corps of Engineers as our text (pdf download), supplemented by readings from the literature.

We will cover:

1) Wave basics 2) Shallow water wave hydrodynamics 3) Surfzone hydrodynamics 4) Tides and Tsunamis 5) Harbor/Inlet dynamics 6) Wave-driven sediment transport 7) Coastal morphology 8) Marine renewable energy (wave and tidal power conversion) 9) Shore protection and stabilization 10) Design of coastal structures

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Lectures and homeworks

Recommended preparation

Fluid mechanics

Class assignments and grading

Weekly problem set. Midterm and final exams.

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