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Ying Qing Chen
Seattle Campus

Statistical Methods for Survival Data

Statistical methods for censored survival data arising from follow-up studies on human or animal populations. Parametric and nonparametric methods, Kaplan-Meier survival curve estimator, comparison of survival curves, log-rank test, regression models including the Cox proportional hazards model, competing risks. Prerequisite: STAT 581 and either BIOST 515, STAT 473, or equivalent. Offered: jointly with STAT 576.

Class description

This course introduces statistical methods for censored survival data arising from clinical and epidemiological studies. The topics include parametric methods, Kaplan-Meier estimator and NPMLE, comparison of survival curves and log-rank test, regression models and the Cox proportional hazards model. Additional topics include residual time analysis, multivariate survival time analysis, competing risks and study designs. This course is intended for biostatistics graduate students and other students with comparable statistical training.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

Recommended preparation

Class assignments and grading

It is assumed that students have had basic knowledge about probability and statistical theory. Students will be evaluated on the basis of 8 problem sets (40%), 1 mid-term exam (30%) and 1 final take-home exam (30%). Students are encouraged to use any statistical softwares to do the problem sets.

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