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Instructor Class Description

Time Schedule:

Martha Groom
BIOL 572
Seattle Campus

Science and Environmental Policy

Analyzes the role of science and scientists in formulating public policy related to the environment. Emphasizes conceptualization of policy processes as a means of understanding opportunities for and limits of science in development and implementation of public policy.

Class description

What is happening in the field of conservation biology? Together, we will consider new directions in conservation, particularly concerning how conservation practice is developing. As background, we will read selected chapters from "Principles of Conservation Biology, 3rd edition" by Groom, MJ, GK Meffe, and CR Carroll, 2006, Sinauer Associates, and select current literature on the same topics. Our goal in class sessions will be to consider where the field is at this time, and where opportunities for new and necessary work exist, with the broader expectation of finding inspiration for our own research agendas.

Student learning goals

General method of instruction

This discussion based course will be a partnership between the instructor and the students, with students expected to lead in developing themes for one or more class sessions, and of course contribute to all. Will include short presentations by the instructor, but emphasize discussion and exploration of conservation topics in depth.

Recommended preparation

Graduate standing required.

Class assignments and grading

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